The voice of the sea speaks to the soul.........
"The Awakening"....
Kate Chopin

Oh, I have shrugged off the noise and calamity of modern day
and floated through the depths on bubble-glistening fins.
Downward I have drifted and joined the ebb and flow of wind-driven currents,
and done a thousand things you would never have dreamed of.
Dipping and swooping deep in the limpid pools of silent seas,
I've chased shimmering schools of fish,
laughed through coral-carpeted canyons,
and eased my rubber-covered body through the floorless oceans of blue.
Deeper and deeper into the bone-chilling depths
I've descended to the sand covered bottom of the universe,
with peaceful reserve, where sunshine nor rain have ever danced.
And....While with silent questioning mind,
I've slipped through the blue un-trespassed serenity of the heavenly sea,
Raised up my face
and felt the cool embrace of God.

Author Unknown
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Come with me now on a
trip under the sea....

Come with me now and
see the world through
my diving mask !!
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My need to express the wonders of the marine life I see on scuba diving trips is what
inspires me to paint colorful oil and watercolor paintings.

Underwater photography of the marine life and quick ink sketches after  dive trips are
later transferred to larger paintings in my studio.

I believe 'style' is a relative term and I have developed one which allows me to most
freely "recreate" the underwater world and the marine life I love.
Come with me now on a trip under the sea.  
See the world through my diving mask !!!